“How long does it take to get a quote?”

This is a great question, many companies can turn a quote in a day, we don’t, and here’s why…

We aim to give the most accurate quote, the first time. With the understanding that this quote might drive your project budget, we avoid throwing together a quick number and then having to increase it later because of additional unknowns. An inaccurate quote could greatly affect your budget.

Expect questions – this will help the design engineer to fully grasp the application, end user, and end use environment. Materials and components affect the cost, so material utilization is key; working to understand the overall use-case allows us to make the right decisions to meet the intended end-use application while minimizing cost. The more information you can provide right off the bat, the faster we can develop a comprehensive estimated bill of materials (BOM) and provide an accurate quote.

With the right information, it seems reasonable to expect an accurate quotation in 3 days. If there are parts of the BOM that need to be quoted by an outside supplier, then 5-7 business days. Above all, it is extremely important for you to communicate your timeline expectations.

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