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Xymox is an industry-leading provider of conductive inks printed on flexible substrates.  Often, the result is a top-of-the-line membrane switch or capacitive touch sensor. However, there are also instances where the end product requires a specialized printed circuit. Sometimes it’s a single layer of polyester or other plastic, and sometimes it requires a single layer printing in a more complex final assembly. Whatever the need, our engineers and circuitry experts are ready to collaborate and find the optimal solution for your application.

Printed Shields

A printed silver or carbon circuit can offer ESD as well as EMI/RFI protection for many applications. It can be as simple as a printing pass added to a membrane switch, or it can be a separate piece with a focus on just shielding. In many cases, this may be more economical than a sprayed-on shield or a metal box. Xymox can incorporate:

  • Printed silver or carbon circuitry
  • Perfs and folds allowing for the shield to be formed and mated to fit your assembly

Printed Antennas

In some applications, Xymox can provide an NFC antenna that is built into the layer construction.  Using a printed silver pattern, the antenna can reside near the top of the layer construction to offer best performance.  We can design based on:

  • Printed silver circuit
  • Custom patterned to mate with your IC

Security Circuits

In today’s world, payment processing devices require a high level of security to prevent tampering.  A Xymox printed security circuit can be a critical part of a secure design.  Xymox will custom engineer a circuit that helps meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and incorporate design features such as:

  • Fine line circuitry down to .006” lines and spacing
  • Denser circuits and smaller designs

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