Cost Effective
Xymox has been manufacturing cost-effective membrane switches and capacitive touch sensors for the appliance industry for more than 30 years. From dishwashers to ranges, from refrigerators to mixers, Xymox can help design the best solution to meet your needs. We take all details into account including providing protection from household chemicals and passing UL testing, to delivering a full-assembly integration.


Always Evolving
As technology grows, so does the need for printed electronics in consumer products such as wearables, sport accelerometers, hand held devices, cosmetic patches, and more! The need for adaptability and customization might be greater here than in any other market. Never satisfied, our engineers and printed electronics experts are always hard at work creating new ways to make our consumer products even better.

Food Equipment

Thoughtful Approach
Food equipment technologies require a thoughtful approach to their interactive touch components. That’s why Xymox products are found in countless machines including proofers, ovens, warmers, meat slicers, and many more. Our design experts are experienced in choosing the right overlay materials, knowing when to use tactile domes for a crisper, long-lasting interface, passing UL tests, and integrating a full assembly.

Industrial Controls

Durable Solutions
We design durable solutions for the harshest environments with applications including gas pumps, power distribution, process automation, well pumps, and other heavy-duty pieces of equipment! Whether is choosing an overlay material that can withstand UV exposure, using a XyWeld sealed switch that can hold up to NEMA 4 standards, creating tactile domes for crisp feedback, or providing a full assembly, Xymox delivers.

Medical Equipment

Reliable Interfaces
Because interface reliability in the healthcare industry is paramount, Xymox provides technologies with only the highest possible dependability. Our products are can be seen in hospital beds, defibrillators, IV pumps, sterilization chambers, and more. Do you need an overlay to withstand cleaning solutions? What about ESD protection? Have you considered the functionality of LEDs? No matter the need, you can rely on Xymox.

From field reliability to customer satisfaction, Xymox technologies are the best choice for your touch-based interface solutions. It’s the reason our products are found in thousands of applications, machines, and electronic devices around the world. If you have a need, we can help.

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