Whether it’s through a sensor, switch or circuit – how people touch and interact with a product is one of the most influential factors in determining overall customer satisfaction. Your reputation is on the line with every push of a button and swipe of a finger. Using Xymox touch-based technologies signals your steadfast commitment to product integrity and innovation.

You guys make cool stuff.We make cool stuff.It’s a fit.

— Customer since 2017

Industry Excellence

Millions of people around the world touch Xymox products every day, and we do it on behalf of hundreds of customers representing dozens of industries. All of our parts and products are engineered in the United States, and our domestic and international production facilities ensure timely delivery for our customers. The categories here are just a small sample of the many markets where you will find our printed electronics. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make your products better.



Food Equipment

Industrial Controls

Medical Equipment

Having Xymox centrally located in America's heartland matters. We're able to deftly connect with customers all across the United States, and we know exactly what it takes to keep customers satisfied at every step of the relationship. Consider all there is to gain by partnering with Xymox.

Fewer barriers to correspondence and communication
Increased protections of intellectual property rights
Easier facilitation of live audits and meetings
Faster and lower costs on domestic shipping
Higher manufacturing and labor standards
Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

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