Printing Electronics Since 1979

Xymox Technologies is a membrane switch manufacturer and a capacitive touch sensor expert. We design and make the custom control components OEMs need to assure a positive user experience and reliable product operation. By developing a deep understanding of our customers’ products and product line direction, we are able to proactively bring ideas to them. We partner with you throughout the product life cycle, including supplying components and parts even at the end of a product’s useful life.

The Strength of Global Operations Without the Worry

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Xymox is a part of the RAFI Group – the world’s leading HMI systems manufacturer. Backed by RAFI’s global network and design, supply and production facilities spread across six countries around the world, Xymox offers true full-system solutions that are expertly designed, efficient to produce and seamlessly integrated into the lives of millions around the world.

Operations & Capabilities

  • In house design
  • Full production (printing through final assembly)
  • Environmental testing lab
  • Design and engineering
  • Sheet fed printing
  • Automated surface mount
  • Laser cutting
  • Optical adhesive lamination
  • Automated dome placement
  • ISO Certified

Leave Nothing to Chance

Our experienced team will help you identify the key issues important to the design, functionality, and production of your products. Asking the right questions up front can help you avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Have you thought about disaster recovery?
With multiple manufacturing sites and engineering backup practices, disaster recovery is a non-issue.

Do you require product validation?
We can conduct environmental and life testing in Milwaukee to ensure timely completion of your validation.

Meeting or Exceeding Customer Requirements, Every Hour of Every Day

Xymox’s fully documented quality system combined with a capital investment in on-site test and measurement equipment assure customer required performance and satisfaction.

  • Abrasion Testing: Rubber keypads are tested on a Norman abrasion tester to meet customer durability specifications.
  • Life Testing: An integral part of design validation is accelerated life testing to assure the design will meet the electrical, physical, and aesthetic requirements.
  • Environmental Testing: A key element of design validation is environmental testing to confirm that the design meets stringent temperature cycling requirements.
  • Product Performance: Xymox assures your product performance through daily process audits, 100% electrical test in production, and customer advocate audits on finished lots prior to shipping. Each product is hand tested for quality!

Xymox is held to the highest quality standards: ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Our People Make All the Difference

The Xymox team is as talented and experienced as it is large. And together, we have been paving the way in printed electronics for more than three decades. Today, our employees average more than 12 years of tenure expertise ensuring needs are met and expectations are exceeded. The company-wide chemistry we have bleeds into our day-to-day activity offering a unique customer experience that is sure to deliver each and every time.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to the following corporate values:

  • Integrity – Act the same when no one is watching!
  • Service – Treat our customers with an attitude of service.
  • Results – Always strive for continuous improvement through achieving goals.
  • Employees – A healthy business that has healthy employees, teach healthy lessons for business, personal growth, sound minds and healthy bodies.