August 4, 2021 marks 2400 days without lost time injury! In other words, our employees are AWESOME!

We take safety very seriously here at Xymox. As with many manufacturing facilities, we operate machines and use various chemicals, and our employees understand the importance of using safety precautions every second.

Fun fact: 2400 days = 207,260,000 seconds

Our “safety first” conscious workforce, an active safety team, and a commitment from management to provide a safe work environment is how we’ve gone 6.5+ years without an injury serious enough to require an employee to miss time from work.

We believe that not only can we help prevent injuries from occurring in the workplace, but we can also provide an environment where people can actually get healthier, with benefits such as onsite chiropractic care and workout area, ergonomic work stations, and a healthy work/life balance.

“If we want to have a healthy business, we need to have healthy employees, and that means providing a safe workplace environment, the right tools, and strong safety training.” – Bob Hartline (President/CEO)