Many articles have recently come out about counterfeit Covid vaccines, with labels printed to look exactly like the legitimate vaccines. This makes it very difficult for pharmacies and medical centers to differentiate the real from the fake. American Semiconductor (ASI) has developed “a thin electronic system based on Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ (SoP) advanced packaging. The new tag can be applied as an adhesive label and includes an ultra-thin high-performance SoP chip. The smart-tag’s programmable capability implements rolling encryption codes that can authenticate individual vaccine vials at any time using a smartphone. The new programmable label technology includes serialization for each vial and the ability to track and trace vaccine vials from first bottling through last use. The smart-tags are based on near field communications (NFC) and require no battery so they have almost unlimited shelf life.” Click here to read the full article from ASI.

Xymox prints a multi-layer NFC label out of screen printed silver on polyester film, ASI’s flexible die is attached, a protective top film (including graphics) seals the antenna and flexible die from the elements (the top protective film is not shown in the picture.)

Our ink technology ensures we achieve the proper flexibility for application to the vile while also meeting the resistance requirements of the NFC antenna.

A great example of printed electronics combined with state of the art flexible die technology!

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