You’ve seen it before, holding your phone over a payment box, or touching your hotel room key up to the door to unlock it – this new, convenient, technology uses Near Field Communications (NFC) antennas. These antennas allow data/information to be transmitted wirelessly, requiring no mechanical manipulation or physical interaction.

These antennas can be integrated into the design of a membrane switch or touch sensor which eliminates the need for a separate circuit. By screen printing the antenna directly onto the switch or sensor, it brings the antenna closer to the user rather than burying it behind other layers.

Companies can benefit greatly by incorporating such a simple feature. Now with NFC antennas integrated into the product, there is less human contact which reduces the risk of mechanical parts breaking, thus requiring less repair. Consider this feature when thinking about the end user of the product, it is easier to use, and more effective, especially for individuals with disabilities. Save money while making your customers happy!


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