A merger not only signifies a blending of technologies and talents but also a unified vision towards enhanced sustainable practices. This commitment is vividly seen in the integration of Xymox and RAFI, where shared values around sustainable manufacturing create a powerful synergy.

Manufacturing, by nature, involves challenges like waste production, yet our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint is a testament to our responsibility as a global citizen. By integrating RAFI’s longstanding commitment to eco-friendly processes with Xymox’s innovative waste reduction and recycling methods, we demonstrate that our environmental initiatives are more than just policy—they are a reflection of our corporate ethos.

The concept of “One RAFI” isn’t just about business integration; it’s about cultivating a culture where sustainability is woven into every aspect of our operations. From reclaiming solvents to maintaining our status as a Very Small Quantity Generator of hazardous waste, these efforts underscore our goal to not just meet but exceed environmental standards.

Together, as one unified entity, RAFI and Xymox are not only focused on reducing our environmental impact through meticulous waste management and sustainable manufacturing but also on setting new benchmarks for the industry. Our efforts towards continuous improvement are driven by the shared belief that while some manufacturing waste is unavoidable, it is our proactive measures that define our footprint.

As we move forward, “One RAFI” remains committed to not only being a leader in advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, but also of sustainability in manufacturing, proving that good for the planet is good for business.

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