Tasks people procrastinate doing:

  1. Homework
  2. Taxes
  3. Exercising
  4. Cleaning
  5. Laundry
  6. Going to the dentist
  7. Washing the car
  8. Designing your HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The user interface – is often forgotten and overlooked, and the last item on a device to be designed. Ironically, the HMI is the first experience the user has with a device, setting the stage for perceived quality, functionality, and usefulness. There is a reason your cell phone comes in a thoughtfully designed, high-quality box: the box is literally your first point of contact with the product, and the manufacturer wants to make sure it is a positive experience. The user interface for a medical device or industrial control needs to provide that same positive experience in order to facilitate adoption of the device into the workflow. No matter how fantastic the technology is inside the device, if the user interface creates a poor experience for the operator, the device will never be accepted.

Make your job easier by bringing in an HMI expert early in the design process. From touchscreens and capacitive keypads to membrane switches with metal domes and LED backlighting, there are a lot of options, all manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our local sales and engineering teams will review these options and design considerations, ensuring that the developed HMI creates a seamless and intuitive channel between the user and your core technology.

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