Xymox - You Asked We Answered

“What adhesives do you use?”

Answered by Joel Seiden – Product Manager & Design Engineer:

Let’s start at the bottom and work up. For application adhesives we typically use 3M brand. 3M467, 3M468, 300LSE. We have used these particular adhesives from 3M for many years and we have always had good luck with them. As to which of those we choose, that is usually spec’d out by the customer and is picked because of the type of material (backer, bezel) the part will be stuck too.

For adhesives internal to the part, we expand our usage a bit by not limiting ourselves to only 3M. We generally put more thought into a specific thickness needed rather than a material adhered to.

For an adhesive to connect a graphic we, again, limit ourselves to either 3M467 or 3M468. This has to do with the compatibility of those adhesives with our graphic inks.

Something relatively new and directly related to our sensors would be the Nitto OCA (optically clear adhesive). Because our sensors need to be clear we needed an adhesive that was equally as clear.