People often ask…Xymox? How did you get the name Xymox, and what does it mean? Which are excellent questions without any clear answers.

In 1978 when the WH Brady Company created a membrane switch product line it was originally called LiteTouch. In 1979, the LiteTouch product line was transformed into a separate division of WH Brady Co. The creation of a new division started the need for a recognizable name. We do know there are two versions of how the name Xymox came into existence that have floated around for years…

  • Electrically speaking, there are a couple of ways membrane switches can be monitored for when a user pushes on a switch and makes an electrical switch closure. One way is by utilizing an X Y Matrix, a series of conductors arranged in rows and columns that provide a unique grid identifier for every switch. For example, a switch might be row 2, column 2 and the next switch to the right is row 2, column 3. Another method is by utilizing a common ground conductor (often referred to as X) that ties one side of all the switches together with a common ground conductor, and the other side of the switch has a discrete conductor. A series of switches in a common ground system would be listed as X1, X2, X3 etc.

XY & X

So where did XYMOX come from… XY Matrix Or X(Common Ground) –  XYMOX!

  • The other version of the story is that the name was simply made up. In 1979, Xerox was a large popular company, and the name Xerox had become synonymous with making a copy. People would say, “I need to Xerox this letter.” It is very similar to how the name Kleenex is synonymous with facial tissues. Are we starting to see a trend with the X’s? Mr. Brady wanted a unique name that would be synonymous with membrane switches. Following the “X” trend they played around with words that had a technology sound and feel. That’s how the word XYMOX was invented. While the idea of creating a brand name recognition for membrane switches was a great idea, it just never caught on with the general consumer. Maybe we should revive the trend so that every time someone sees a membrane switch they say that’s a Xymox!

In 1993, the Xymox Division of WH Brady Company was purchased by Horizon Partners, at that time the name was changed to Xymox Technologies Incorporated.

What does Xymox mean? Well… since it is a unique word, derived in a WH Brady conference room in 1979, we know the meaning! Xymox is a team of dedicated people focused on Enabling the power of touch!® Ultimately, we know that our target audience is the person communicating with a machine, and for the manufacturer of that piece of equipment the user interface is a critical aspect of their success. The user interface must be responsive to every user, and work every time. When you do business with the team at Xymox, you get the best human interface solution for your product, coupled with excellent service and the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your product.

Hopefully this answers some of the mystery surrounding our unique name!