Cobot = collaborative robot. It is meant to work in conjunction with the employees (not replace them).

Robots can reduce risk:

Xymox 100% electrical tests every product before it leaves the factory. This means, every membrane switch and touch sensor is plugged in, all LEDs are lit up, and every button is pushed (that is a lot of button pushing). This robot will alleviate the repetitive motions that our employees are enduring, thus reducing the risk of carpal tunnel.

Unlike many autonomous robots, cobots do not require safety cages as they have built in safety features; if the robot bumps into someone or something, it pauses until instructed to continue.

The right fit:

Being a custom manufacturer, we need to be able to program on the fly. Ease of programming was our number one priority when choosing a robot. With an easy to use tablet, and eager to learn employees, the robot has found its home at a workstation and is in the early stages of programming.

Fixtures & connectors:

With new connectors and interchangeable fixtures, the cobot is being programmed to be ready for release to production! Each part number with have its own fixture (the blue board). The fixture will have 2 spots that are specifically created to perfectly fit each product, this will align the part exactly where the cobot will run the testing of every button.

 Xymox Cobot Fixtures 1     Xymox Cobot Fixtures 2


Stay tuned for the next step in the process:

✓ Set up

✓ Fixtures & connectors (to ensure the robot hits the right buttons every time)

✓ Release to production (up and running as part of our everyday process)


Looking to incorporate a membrane switch or capacitive touch sensor into your application?