Xymox Technologies, Inc. has added automated vision CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) equipment to support our commitment to continuous improvement and quality. Our new Micro-Vu Excel 661UC vision CMM expands our metrology capabilities in terms of accuracy, repeatability and speed.

The Excel 661UC features a large X-Y measuring area of 650mm X 680mm with a Z height capacity of 160mm. The digital high resolution color video camera, combined with advanced surface and profile illumination, allows for precise detection of die-cut edges, printed graphics and other features. The computer controlled system eliminates the human element of measuring; resulting in highly accurate and reliable results (accuracy rating is 2.5µm + Length (mm) ÷ 200).


Speed in measuring and data collection is dramatically improved with the Micro-Vu. An example production part required routine measuring of four critical dimensions, and analysis of 30 parts. The time required to complete this work dropped from 90 minutes to only 15 minutes. Our efficiency is further improved as the count of features requiring measurement analysis increases.

The addition of this machine enables Xymox to deliver fast and accurate dimensional evaluations, capability studies, and critical data to our customers.