Overseas prices might be attractive but at what cost? Think about all the benefits you gain from working with a USA based manufacturer!

✓ “Made in the USA” – don’t underestimate the power in domestically made products, this can be a valuable marketing tool

✓ Communication

✓ Faster response time – not having to wait 13 hours for a response (no middle of the night conference calls)

✓ Fewer language barriers

✓ Direct contacts with key people during the entire process

✓ Location

✓ Ability to conduct a quality audit

✓ Travel – if an issue arises and an in-person meeting is necessary, domestic flights are:

1.   Less expensive (for example: a week long trip to China costs roughly $6000 for airfare, hotel, and expenses)

2.  Faster (I’ll take a 4 hour flight over a 12 hour flight any day!)

3.  No jet lag

✓ Shipping

✓ Lower cost to ship domestically

✓ Avoid tariffs

✓ Avoid delays with customs

✓ Faster ship time

✓ Quality – because the United States has higher manufacturing and labor standards, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a quality product, made in a safe and clean environment from qualified workers.

✓ Intellectual property rights – again, rest easy because US law protects companies from their product being duplicated and produced if a trademark or patent is in place. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) are also a common practice in the US to ensure your product details remain confidential.

Price is what you pay.png

There might be a difference in price between overseas and domestic manufacturing but the value controls the total cost of ownership!