“Why don’t you automate more?”

This is an often-asked question when people tour our factory to see how we manufacture custom printed electronic products.  While many of our operations are automated, the majority of our assembly is still accomplished by the skilled hands of our workforce. Customers see that we hand place sheets on machines, hand assemble parts, and even individually hand test every part, every button for 100% functionality – they wonder why.

  • Automated processes take a lot of programming and machine set up for a single operation
  • Automation is cost effective in high volume but expensive in low and medium volume manufacturing
  • Every robot needs a tool or multiple tools that operate like a “hand” when working with flexible sheets and adhesives it is hard (and costly) to replicate the amazing dexterity of the human hand
  • No downtime when a machine breaks or needs a system update

Every employee goes through rigorous training to ensure quality through every step of the process. Ultimately this saves time and money for the customer!

However, we do automate some parts of the process – and as our capabilities, and customer needs continue to grow, so will our automation.

Xymox Robots in Action: