Let’s face it, we all spend too much time dealing with supply chain frustrations…managing suppliers, delays, shortages, and cost increases. It’s a global headache that just won’t go away. And while Xymox is always implementing strategies to stay ahead of the curve, we still end up facing the same big picture issues.

It was time to change the game.
What if Xymox was backed by a global industry powerhouse to become the ultimate one-stop-shop, full-solution provider for HMI systems?

Because that’s exactly what happened when we recently became a RAFI Group company. And just like that, we’re now a global dream team simplifying every single aspect of the HMI solution lifecycle. So now our customers can purchase the complete, end-to-end solution without the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Streamline your supply chain

Backed by RAFI, the new Xymox means no more:

    • bouncing between countless vendors
    • drowning in a sea of communication breakdowns
    • convoluted procurement processes
    • headaches from managing multiple contracts

Quality control on a new level

It’s now easier than ever to:

    • seamlessly integrate design and functionality
    • develop an HMI system that’s as efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing
    • eliminate any compatibility and subpar component issues
    • maintain control of the entire process and ensure top-notch quality throughout


Visit the RAFI page on our website to learn more and stay tuned for the endless HMI possibilities we’re bringing to the table!