As technology advances, so does the need for enhanced safety features. Force enabled touch screens are the perfect solution to add an extra layer of security and confirmation for intended interactions.

While adding the third-dimension of force to a touch screen is not new, what is new is the latest technology from TouchNetix that makes implementing force enabled touch screens uncomplicated and straightforward. This technology allows for a single-chip solution that is easily integrated, without the need for a tangle of electronics or custom software.

So, why add force to a touch screen?

  • confirmation of intended touch/interaction
  • enhances security for operating the device

Check out these videos to see the force sensor in action:


The force sensors are comprised of simple off-the-shelf components that are easily incorporated into the touch screen assembly. Four force sensors are placed outside the display and under the glass, or alternatively, they can be placed under the display. The capacitively-based force sensors include a Variable Geometry Electrode (VGE), which changes shape by compressing when a force is applied to the cover lens. The change in shape corresponds to a change in capacitance measured by the TouchNetix aXiam controller. Physical movement of the cover lens is required to activate the force electrodes.


What sets the TouchNetix aXiom controller apart from other force-enabled touch screen technologies? Its simplicity and low BOM cost. It’s a single-chip solution that makes integration effortless and affordable.


Odd human behavior. How do you draw people into your booth at a trade show? Candy is good, but what we found really works is an invitation to challenge themselves. Are they good enough? Are they brave enough? We showcased our force-enabled touch screen demo at CES and MD&M earlier this year. Adding “Touch me and feel the FORCE” was like turning on a blue light for bugs. It made people stop and investigate. Some felt compelled to touch the screen right away while others refused until we proved it was harmless, but most importantly they all stopped. We also learned that the candy Swedish Fish is still very popular.

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