When eating out at many fast casual restaurants nowadays, diners are allowed—and often even expected—to customize their food choices. This “build-your-own” idea has been applied to everything from subs to pizza, from burgers to burritos. The restaurant workers and the patrons team up, in a way, to create the desired meal.

At Xymox, we take the idea of collaborating with the customer to another level. Far from simple lunch or dinner options, the products we design and create are innovative, next-level solutions produced in complete partnership with our customers. Indeed, our clients play a critical role as they work with our experts to find optimal solutions.

When developing a product, the engineers at Xymox will ask lots of questions, to avoid costly mistakes and to aid in fully grasping the product’s application, end user, and end use environment. But we encourage the customer to ask questions, too. At Xymox, our expertise runs deep; our employees average more than 12 years of tenure experience. When clients ask questions, there’s no run-around for the answer. Our staff is responsive, friendly, dependable, and always ready to help.

The team at Xymox strives for deep relationships with its customers. Rather than just provide a product, our goals are to solve problems and deliver solutions. Some suppliers solely build to a price: they don’t dive into projects, and there’s no added value to make a better product. Conversely, Xymox builds to a solution. We evaluate design options and offer suggestions so we can bring about the best results. Rather than simply working for a customer, we work with our customers to understand a project’s overall scope, which then allows us to meet the intended application while minimizing costs.

One of the corporate values at Xymox is service, and we aim to treat every customer with such an attitude. We recognize that our company exists only because another business or organization decided to purchase our products—and so we humbly respond to this reality by focusing on the needs of others first. The team at Xymox also models integrity, whether the customer is watching or not, which ensures transparency, honesty, and focus. We dedicate ourselves to these values in recognition of the privilege it is to collaborate with customers who make us better each year.

To sustain success in a business, at Xymox we believe a company must also have successful employees. Our company-wide chemistry and collaborative culture mean that departments here don’t operate as silos. The CEO, managers, assembly workers, and everyone in-between all have cross-functional access to each other. Every team at Xymox is in constant communication, so all staff members can keep a pulse on what’s going on throughout the entire factory.

Our employees are truly devoted to doing the best they can for our customers, our company, and each other. And customers can count on Xymox to continue collaborating with them for years to come. To learn more about how Xymox can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, contact us today.