W.H. Brady produced the first membrane switch in their nameplate division in 1977. Seeing the growth potential, W.H. Brady developed “The Electronic Products Division” in 1979, with the primary focus of developing the membrane switch technology; a year later the division was renamed, Xymox.

Since the inception of Xymox there have been continuous product advancements!

IMG_79701983: Dome switches were introduced – this tactile addition to membrane switches give end users a crisp snapping feel when the switch is closed. Prior to this feature being released, membrane switches remained a simple “flat switch”, meaning two layers of conductive ink are separated by a small (as little as .007″) gap which is then closed when the switch is pushed.

1984: Xymox was recognized as the largest supplier of stock membrane switches in the United States.

1984: Manufacturing space was doubled due to high production demand from happy customers like: General Electric, Whirlpool, & Singer.

1985: The next big product offering was introduced, lighted switches, using electroluminescent and LED, for applications used in low-light or no-light environments.

1985: Capacitive membrane switches were introduced – rather than a flat switch, a capacitive switch activates when a person makes contact with a sensor, the change in capacitance is recognized and activates the output.

1993: W.H. Brady sold the Xymox division to a private investment company and the name was changed to Xymox Technologies Inc.

1994: Xymox built and relocated to a brand new, 60,000 square foot (expandable up to 120,000) state-of-the-art facility.

Xymox Building Then-Now1

1997: ISO 9001 certified.

1997-2019: In an effort to stay ahead of the curve on technologies and product offerings, numerous acquisitions of other companies, investments in top of the line equipment, and an emphasis on R&D, Xymox is proud to be a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing human to machine interfaces (HMIs).

2011: Xymox acquires conductive ink manufacturer, Sun Ray LTD along with the proprietary ink formulas, bringing all conductive ink manufacturing in-house.

2012: A shift in technology and how people want to touch products brings Capacitive Touch Sensors to the Xymox product offerings.

2013: Kodak and Xymox develop a partnership to jointly promote Kodak’s Highly Conductive Films (HCF) as a cost-effective alternative to ITO.

2012-2019: R&D advancements in screen printing capacitive touch sensors & specialty circuitry, including fine line printing, PEDOT, NFC antennas, plus more!

During its history, Xymox has earned many technical and customer service awards. These include supplier awards from customers such as Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Abbott Laboratories, and Eastman Kodak, plus over 35 awards for technical excellence from the Specialty and Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). 

As technologies continue to advance, so do we! You can count on us to be here to serve you and your product needs for years to come. Bob Hartline, Xymox President/CEO, said it best: “A lot of competitors have come and gone in the last 40 years but we are here to stay! Having a 40 year anniversary is pretty remarkable in this industry.”

A lot has changed over the last 40 years but one thing remains…our fantastic customers! We wouldn’t be here without you.

From us at Xymox, THANK YOU!

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