Breakaway ink is another term for ink that is meant to be tamperproof for a security feature. Maybe you’ve seen it before on parking stickers, when you try to remove the sticker from your car and it leaves a bunch of little tiny VOID’s stuck to your window; the ink for the VOIDs broke away from the sticker leaving it unusable for the person trying to steal it.

Void Sticker.jpg

Depending on the end use, this feature is important to consider incorporating into printed circuits; similar to the sticker, the part is constructed so that if some nefarious ne’er-do-well tries to take a circuit apart, the printed traces will be damaged enough to cause a break in the traces. The circuit can no longer be completed, making the part inoperable. This prevents tampering with the interface, and whatever it is driving.

What type of products would this be best used on?

This feature would be very important on a credit card reader. If someone attempts to get inside the device by removing the circuit, this feature would render the device inoperable. The culprit would not be able to access any information on the device, thus keeping stored credit card information secure.

As frustrating as those pesky tamperproof parking stickers are, this printed breakaway ink feature is added security we can all appreciate.

Looking to add this feature to your next product?